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The entire Glee club sing at the ceremony and parody American couple Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson's infamous wedding entrance dance which became a viral hit with 58 million views on You Tube last year.

Legendary American actress Carol Burnett makes a cameo as Sue's estranged mother Doris who reappears in her and her sister's life.

That aside, the rest of the episode was pretty great, in my humble opinion.

It was nice to see Burt and Carole get hitched, and it was ever better to see Kurt plan the entire wedding, and for Finn to finally accept that they are now a family.

Just concentrate on getting our attention and giving us some of your “benefits”.2.

How many guys are going to rent a yacht for a woman they're meeting for the first time? Now I have to sit on a yacht with you for two hours feeling bored and miserable. The problem is there aren’t enough Jim Carrey’s running around for you all.

The shell casings, she says, are at the bottom of a lake and she moved things around in her office to cover it up.

PHOTOS: ' Glee' Season 4 Cast Portraits Her punishment -- with Mc Kinley's zero tolerance policies -- costs Sue her job.

Maybe she’ll be back in future episodes to reveal why she really left her kids behind.

I love Carol Burnett, but her introduction into the -verse was totally unsatisfying.


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