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Birth Day can also perform a powerful attack called the Cell Bash, an autonomous scorpion-like assault droid which has its master server and network connection installed in the Birth Helmood.

Summoning it requires 1,000 Cell Medals - however, its power output is sufficient to even drive off Kazari, which Birth is normally unable to do.

Die Geschichten waren sehr kurz, aber selbst diese wenigen Zeilen waren eines der besten die ich unter den Akatsuki Stories gelesen habe.

Hoffe das du dir auch mal die Zeit nimmst diese Geschichten zu erweitern ^^ Würde glaub ich Jeden freuen hihi Ok tschüssi! Story ein bisschen zu kurz für meinen Geschmack, aber ich bin auch ne Leseratte. ^-^ Jaaaaaaaaaa^^ *freu* Ich hatte Deidara, genau das, was ich mir erhofft hatte, und ich hab die Fragen ehrlich beantwortet :3 Und ich zeichne auch schon seit mehr als einem Jahr... *__* *dahinschmelz und rot anlauf* Ich fand (auch^^) die Story mit Sasori am schönsten *rot werd*Danach die von Dei-Dei-Muffin und dann itachi ^^Alle waren schön und ich glaube, dass du dir viel mühe gegeben hast.

However, motivated by his desire to make works that last forever, Sasori began experimenting to create puppets out of people.

In the anime, his only friend, Komushi, lost his right arm during his border control duty, so Sasori gave him a new puppet arm as a prosthetic limb.

The copyright for it is most likely owned by either the publisher/producer and/or artist(s) producing the work in question.

If possible please use one of the more specific modes of the Fair use template, listed at Template: Fair use.Using a unit requires a Cell Medal as payment for it to emerge and attach to the Recepable Orb it came out from.Furthermore, the Birth CLAWs are magnetic and thus attract Cell Medals to them.Kamen Rider Birth can also use two or more CLAWs units at once by inserting in more Cell Medals into the Birth Driver.If one of the weapons is damaged, it has to be taken to the Foundation for repairs.Sasori created many other ingenious puppets, including Kuroari, Karasu, and Sanshōuo.


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