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Yet, after a meeting I had on Friday, I’m convinced now that the day will soon come when retailers know what you looked at while impulsively browsing and then re-target you with those same products on their website or over email (which is exactly what happens with digital ads right now, after you browse a company’s website).

Alexander Kabakov, a co-founder of facial recognition startup, N-Tech Lab, explained for me how it all would work using his company’s unusually fast identification technologies. Kabakov’s company created Find Face, which permits anyone to search for anyone else using a photo rather than a name.

The 35-year-old techie is an American Ivy League graduate, who Watson was seen vacationing with in California's Big Sur coastal region.

A source informed The Sun's Sunday newspaper, "Mack is just a normal, down-to-earth guy who has nothing to do with Hollywood, and Emma loves that." Watson and her former boyfriend Matthew Janney parted ways back in 2014.

TL; DR—facial recognition has been in the wild for a while, but it’s been cumbersome and slow.

It looks like that’s going to quickly change, which would mean lots more kinds of enterprises using it.

Emma is a graduate from Brown University and has been a visiting student at Oxford. Emma Watson's guy is pretty adventurous, as is obvious from their recent trip to Big Sur.

So really the problem is that Cranston’s Ned is a bit too stuffy and needs to get over it, but that’s not the story we’re sold: we’re supposed to root for him to expose Laird as an unsuitable husband. Effectively this is seen through the eyes of the father-in-law rather than the groom.Karlie Kloss just walked in the Victoria's Secret show the other night.Now, there are reports the 20-year-old is dating 27-year-old financier Joshua Kushner. A director who co-wrote all bad; it just misfires a lot, and fails to make much hay out of a strong concept.It’s Franco who should be riffing the most and he has a good go, but you can’t shake the feeling his heart’s not in it.Kushner has a connection to the Trumps: his brother, Jared, is married to Donald's oldest daughter, Ivanka.


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