Hpt validating performance measures

Therefore, we recommend creating assertions as a "safety net" for your Load Test to detect if something goes really wrong instead of expecting the same throughput in all situations.For example if you have a step that usually takes around 300ms and you want to automate the execution of the Load Test, you could create a "Test Step Average" assertion at around 900ms, which gives a lot of breathing space.In Soap UI the possibilities for asserting the performance and underlying functionality (via the Step Status assertion) are many.Finding the right mix is not easy since Load Test results are extremely dependent on external factors (especially at high loads); networks, disk activity, database backups, etc.All measures are implemented, or are straightforward to implement, in statistical software.We recommend that Uno’s concordance measure is used to quantify concordance when there are moderate levels of censoring.Alternatively you could set the level rather low (400ms) but the minimum-errors setting (which controls how many times the assertion can fail before the Load Test fails) to a rather high value (100). Access the assertions for your Load Test from the Assertions tab at the bottom of the Load Test window: Here you can add and configure as many assertions as desired using the toolbar button, assertions can also be added by right-clicking in the Statistics table on the step you want to assert and selecting the desired assertion: Double-clicking an assertion opens the corresponding configuration-panel, allowing you to set its configuration as desired.

Just in like you can add functional assertions to certain Test Steps in a Test Case (to assert their results), you can add Load Test assertions to a Soap UI Load Test to validate both performance and functionality during the execution of the Load Test.Alternatively, Gönen and Heller’s measure could be considered, especially if censoring is very high, but we suggest that the prediction model is re-calibrated first.The Performance and Results Web Site will assist you in understanding how performance is measured, reported, and evaluated at ETA.To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] developing a prediction model for survival data it is essential to validate its performance in external validation settings using appropriate performance measures.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.


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