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Even Russian waiters and store clerks will usually not smile at you.Don’t be afraid – and don’t walk around grinning at everybody, either. In fact, Russian people tend to avoid eye contact with other people on the Metro in general.The reason I thought this is because they do not smile at strangers – on the streets, in the metro, in the store or anywhere else. The reason Russians don’t smile at each other on the streets is because smiling is generally considered to be something to be shared with a friend.Smiling at a stranger is considered to be an “Americanism” and is assumed to be insincere.

Do not give money to every beggar that you see (there are a lot of them).If it’s not present, people immediately assume that the person has no feelings, whatsoever.Just because someone is not willing to show their emotions does not mean that they do not know how to feel.Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, occurs when the body's immune system cells mistakenly attack the insulin-producing, or beta, cells in the pancreas.This leaves people with type 1 diabetes with little to no insulin. Researchers have long thought that any cure for type 1 diabetes would have to stop the autoimmune attack, while regenerating or transplanting beta cells.When women complain about their man being too cold or indifferent, they’re not asking them to show emotion. There is an obvious difference between the two, yet men still get the reputation of being unfeeling mounds of stone.


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