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But the ledge couldn’t support Chow’s weight and he fell through the plasterboard to his death four floors below, according to local news outlet TODAY.

His friend Ruth, who declined to be identified by her full name, told TODAY she watched the tragedy unfold.

Now internal investigations are reviewing what exactly happened Monday during the arrest. the officer gave a man witnesses say is Nandi Cain Jr.

several commands to stop for crossing the street unlawfully or jaywalking at the intersection of Cypress Street and Grand Avenue, Cain ignored.

According to prosecutors, Magness struck Lasnik seven times while on a bench in the holding cell.

He’s hit another five times after he’s dragged to the floor and handcuffed again.

SACRAMENTO -- Police have responded to the video of the dramatic arrest of a man in a Del Paso Heights neighborhood Monday afternoon.

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What he didn't know was a 16-year-old girl was hiding in an upstairs bedroom.The family of the girl over the course of 2015 has reported and documented to advocacy organizations and to repeated stalking by the Federal Heights Police Department, Thornton Police Department, and Denver Police Department, as have other families who have challenged police or have lawsuits pending against local police departments.In testimony, the teen firmly confirmed that she backward kicked Turek while in handcuffs, but said while on the stand that she was attempting to distance the officer who was bashing her head onto the hood of the police car, “I felt my face was getting swollen.” Federal Heights Sergeant John Hess who later came upon the arresting scene testified that when he arrived, the girl lifted her head off of the hood of the car and that he pushed it back down.Hess testified that he is 6’5″ tall and weighs 205 pounds.The girl told the court that she has asthma and couldn’t breathe and that she weighed 125 pounds.DENVER-A courtroom full of supporters wearing t-shirts that read, “QUEER AND TRANS LIVES R SACRED” and “SELF-DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME” was the location for the trial today of a Federal Heights teenager who was accused of “abusing a police officer.” On the evening of August 12, 2015 the teen was stopped by Federal Heights Police Officer Frank Turek as she was walking home.


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