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Bill claims she also poured herbicide on his rose bushes. Bill sought out a protective order as a result -- and obtained a 6-year injunction against her a few months later, requiring her to stay 100 yards away from him. Bill claims she hasn't forked over a penny since -- so now, he's dragging her back to court to get his money. According to the new docs, Tindall violated that order in 2009 -- so he went back to court to enforce it ... But many plan on music as a satisfying avocation from the start viewing their musical interests as a way to provide balance to demanding if often lucrative professions."The moment I realized I didn't have to major in music in order to play, it was like a blinding light shining down," Eve Cohen says.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is dragging his ex-girlfriend back to court -- claiming she forced him to rack up ,000 in attorney's fees by acting like a crazy stalker ... According to the docs, it all started back in 2006 after the couple broke up -- Bill claims his ex Blair Tindall stole several expensive items from his house, including his laptop, which she then used to send defamatory emails impersonating him. Before you get the credit card out though, take a browse through other similar frilled playsuits below.Maybe you'll find your favourite at the likes of New Look or Alexis?Zara's casual outfit was well suited to their afternoon in the beach bar, the royal choosing an elasticated playsuit from the high street for the relaxed afternoon in friends' company.The denim one-shoulder all-in-one is from Pull & Bear and we particularly love the frilled neck and hemlines. At £25.99 this romper is a bargain buy so click through to Asos (right) to snap it up.She went to several career seminars and enlisted The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation to help her find the right profession after aptitude testing.


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